Mike Stine is a Journeyman Farrier and Certified Natural Balance Farrier & Trimmer (CNBF, CNBT). Mike is a lifetime BWFA member with Journeyman certification, and a BWFA tester. Other certifications include Proper Balance Movement (PBM) in the field of equine biomechanics and Equine Podiatry from Dr. R.F. Redden in Kentucky. Specializing in equine biomechanics and whole horse evaluation, Mike uses this knowledge in his farriery work to understand, prevent and improve problems with equine movement. He has been the Official Farrier for the FEI qualifier at The Fork Horse Trials in NC since 2010, and in 2008 served as evaluating farrier for the USEF Endurance Team East Coast training session. Under the name Equine Dynamics, Mike provides farrier services, as well as clinics and other educational programs in the U.S. and abroad – drawing on over 25 years in the industry. Mike has done presentations in major venues such as the Southern Horse Festival, Carolina Classic Horse Expo, and Equitana and has been a guest on “The Horse Show”, Rick Lamb’s syndicated radio show. Mike has also appeared on cable television, and done a video production dedicated to helping horse owners improve the lifetime care and performance of their horses, which aired on Horse TV. During 2005, Mike and Ray Morris (Equine Saddle Fitter and Massage Therapist) conducted a series of joint clinics in New Zealand and Australia. Watch for 2016 events on Facebook: Equine Dynamics – Horses in Motion



  • Accredited Professional Farrier™ (APF), American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF)
  • Certified Journeyman Farrier II, (CJF II) Brotherhood of Working Farriers (BWFA)
  • Certified Natural Balance Farrier / Trimmer (CNBF, CNBT) Equine Lameness Prevention Org.
  • Registered Journeyman Farrier, (RJF) Guild of Professional Farriers

Career Highlights

  • Official Farrier for the FEI qualifier at The Fork Horse Trials in Norwood, NC (2010-2016)
  • Evaluating farrier for the USEF Endurance Team East Coast training session (2008)
  • Presented clinics in New Zealand and Australia (2001 and 2005)
  • Presenter at Equitana, Carolina Classic Horse Expo, Southern Horse Festival, and other venues

Practical Experience

  • Ongoing and prior work with multiple veterinarians, including Dr. Richard Mansmann, Dr. Smokey Puckett, Drs.
  • Skip and Marsha Severt, Dr. Lydia Cox, Dr. Ric Redden
  • Worked under direction of mentors including Tony Gonzales and Ray Morris
  • Management of multiple severe laminitis cases in conjunction with attending veterinarian


  • 3/5-3/6/2016 NCSU Equine Health Symposium (Farrier Track- 13 CE Credits) Raleigh, NC
  • 1/9/2016 Everything under the Sun about the Hoof Clinic (18 CE Credits for AAPF)
  • 12/3/2015 Equine Podiatry Principles & Mechanical Concepts (16 CE Credits) Las Vegas, NV
  • 2/8/2014 NCSU Equine Health Symposium, Raleigh, NC
  • 3/2/2013 Practical & Current Concepts in Equine Podiatry & Rehabilitation, NCSU Raleigh, NC
  • 1/2013 International Hoof Care Summit Cincinnati, OH
  • 2012 Advanced Equine Podiatry, R.F. Redden, DVM Versailles, KY
  • 2012 Podiatry Seminar, Dr. Richard Mansmann, Raleigh, NC
  • 2011 International Hoof Care Summit, Cincinnati, OH
  • 2010 Hind Limb Function Seminar, Equine Lameness Prevention Organization, Pueblo, CO
  • 2009 Natural Balance/E.L.P.O. Level 4 Advanced Lameness Course, Colorado
  • 2008-2013 Virginia Racing Commission License as Track Farrier
  • 2007-2008 Healthy Stride Clinics, Jim Crew Farrier Instructor
  • 2007 Certification as Certified Natural Balance Farrier & Trimmer, Live Sole Hoof Mapping, CO
  • 2006 Certification as REINS Volunteer at NCSU (96 hours CE to help educate horse owners)
  • 2005 Equine Podiatry Series/In-Depth Laminitis Course, R.F. Redden, DVM
  • 2005 NC State University Horse Judging Short Course
  • 2003 Equine Podiatry 101, R.F. Redden, DVM
  • 2003 NC State University Lameness Clinic, Richard Mansmann, DVM
  • 2001 Equine Sports Massage, Ray Morris, New Zealand
  • 2000 Natural Balance Shoeing Clinic, Gene Ovnicek
  • 1997-2003 Bluegrass Laminitis Symposiums
  • 1997 Certified as Tester for Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association (BWFA)
  • 1996 Guild of Professional Farriers Registered Journeyman Farrier certification
  • 1994 Proper Balance Movement Certification, Tony Gonzales
  • 1994 BWFA Journeyman II Certification
  • 1986-2000 various Farrier Conventions, clinics & symposiums – continuing education
  • 1986-1988 Anson-Stanly Community College, Farrier Science


  • Guild of Professional Farriers/Board of Directors
  • SHOE President for four years (Southeastern Horseshoers on Education)
  • REINS Region II Board of Directors (Regional Equine Information Network)
  • BWFA Tester
  • Former AFA Board of Directors (American Farrier’s Association)


  • Phoenix Award for Research and Innovation
  • SHOE Clinician of the Year
  • SHOE Educator of the Year
  • SHOE Humanitarian of the Year
  • SHOE Farrier of the Year

Professional Referrals

“Mike is a talented and experienced farrier who thinks outside the box, managing each horse (and even each foot) according to the individual’s needs. He is one of the few farriers worldwide who thoroughly evaluates the whole horse when devising a trimming and shoeing strategy. Mike has developed an interesting seminar that teaches horse owners and farriers about conformation and biomechanics in relation to horseshoeing. He’s even taught a few vets a thing or two about evaluating the whole horse. With his down-home style, practical approach, and simple visual aids, the audience quickly gains a fresh perspective on horseshoeing, balance, and movement, and a better eye for what constitutes a good shoeing job for that horse.”
– Dr. Christine King, DVM

“Mike is an accomplished farrier who has studied shoeing in relationship to the motion of horses and how it affects their motion. He has worked with some prominent farriers in the past, namely Tony Gonzales and Gene Ovnicek. There are three areas where I’ve had interaction with Mike. First, he has attended and contributed at our monthly practice’s Farrier Rounds over the past three years. He has also been helpful in setting up a program in our practice to try to evaluate odd gait irregularities, as well as shoeing these particular types of cases. Lastly, we’ve been involved in programs namely the Carolina Classic Horse Expo where we have talked about these gait irregularities. His lectures focused on how shoeing affects the normal and abnormal motion of horses. Mike is a good demonstrator who can speak to horse owners, farriers, and veterinarians about shoeing and it’s effect on gaiting.”
– Dr. Richard A. Mansmann, DVM, PhD, NC State University

“Mike Stine has done several lectures and demonstrations for the Guild at large venues such as Equitana USA with the pony skeleton “Dolly” and has always been well received, drawing large and appreciative audiences. Mr. Stine is well-versed and has an excellent presentation.”
– Henry Heymering, President, Guild of Professional Farriers

“Mr. Stine’s expertise and professionalism as both a farrier and a clinician has drawn national recognition. He has demonstrated farrier skills that far surpass those of simply trimming and shoeing equines. His holistic approach begins with taking his subject horse’s movement and conformation into consideration prior to making any adjustments, and ultimately ends with a solution that is specific to the individual animal’s physiological needs.”
– Sarah Sealy, Equitana, USA

“Mike Stine has proved himself and his theories during the Carolina Classic Horse Expo now for three years. Both the amateur and the professional horseman alike are swept away in his clinics and demonstrations. One of the more popular clinics he has produced for us has been in conjunction with other veterinarians and health specialists working together to solve the cause of the lame horse. In the process, he demonstrates how the secondary ailment is often misdiagnosed as the primary cause of lameness, leaving the horse with a persistent ailment. It is nice to see a professional of his scope work so well with other professionals. We have found him to be a delight to work with and look forward to having him as a clinician again.”
– Tracy L. Simmons, President, Carolina Classic Horse Expo, Inc.

“Mr. Stine has the ability to explain his theories and techniques in such a manner that even the most complex issues can be easily understood. His sincere concern for his customers and their horses is always clear and apparent.”
– T.M. Harris, Roughedge Farm


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